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A close-up photo of a white-golden puppy with a loose collar, on a couch. He is looking just above the camera.
Joshunda Sanders, "Puppy Love," Medium, Sept. 23, 2020.
A young Black girl holds the leash of her dog, who is getting a flea bath from an SPCA shelter worker, a white man.
Katheryn Lawson, "Pet Keeping and Pet Hiding in Black America," U.S. History Scene, 2018.
A photograph of Walter Gadsden attacked by a police dog from the 1963 Birmingham civil rights protest.
Joshunda Sanders, "Healing Fraught History of African Americans and Dogs," The Bark, June 2014 (updated June 2021).
A stock photo taken by Annie Spratt of academic and research journal pages layered on top of one another.
Christina Risley-Curtiss et al., “‘She Was Family’: Women of Color and Animal-Human Connections,” Affilia 21, no. 4 (2006): 433–47. (pay wall. Photo by Annie Spratt)
A stock image by Patrick Tomasso taken from above of dozens of books and articles open and layered on top of one another.
Christina Risley-Curtiss, Lynn C. Holley, and Shapard Wolf, “The Animal-Human Bond and Ethnic Diversity,” Social Work 51, no. 3 (2006): 257–68. (pay wall. Photo by Patrick Tomasso)
A photo from the TIME article, three Black men, Butchie, "Choo Choo Charlie," and "El Dog" Ellis Ferrell hang out on Fletcher Street in the summer of 2020. The two men on the right wear white cowboy hats, while the man on the left (only his left side is showing) wears a black baseball cap.
Paulina Cachero, "The True Story of the Black Cowboy oof Philadelphia Depicted in 'Concrete Cowboys,'" TIME, April 2, 2021.
Senator and Reverend Raphael Warnock during filming for his ad for senate in 2020. He is holding a beagle with white and light brown fur.
Shane Goldmacher, "How Alvin the Beagle Helped Usher in a Democratic Senate," New York Times, January 23, 2021. (pay wall)
Tierra Price, a Black woman, stands against a natural background with trees, shrubs, and dirt. She wears blue scrubs and a white medical coat, holding a white dog in her arms. The sun is shining on her face. (Cropped out, unfortunately, is a curly-haired black dog at her feet.)
Melissa Chen, "Pet Owners are Diverse, but Veterinarians are Overwhelmingly White. Black Veterinarians Want to Change That," TIME, October 21, 2020.
A grayscale photograph of Frank Wills, wearing a dark button-up shirt holding his mid-to-long-haired tabby cat in his arms.
Deneen L. Brown, "'The Post' and the Forgotten Security Guard Who Discovered the Watergate Break-In," The Post and Courier, December 27, 2017.
A close-up of a painting by Kerry James Marshall. A crow stands on a white birdhouse, cawing with its head tilted upward. The background is blue, and there is a yellow birdhouse with a blue roof in the bottom right corner. The birdhouses and the crow are on the branches of a tree with large green leaves.
Grace Ebert, "Chromatic Black Crows by Artist Kerry James Marshall Consider the Precarity of Race in America," This is Colossal, August 17, 2020.
A studio portrait of artist Kerry James Marshall. He stands with his left shoulder to the camera, wearing a white shirt and his head turned to look at the camera. The background is gray.
Ted Loos, "Kerry James Marshall's Black Birds Take Flight in a New Series," New York Times, July 29, 2020 (updated July 30, 2020).
The logo for "Dame," in all capital red letters. There is a red block below it.
Carol Mithers, "Pet Rent is the Newest Tool of Housing Discrimination," DAME, July 6, 2022.
The logo for "Talk Poverty," all in lowercase letters. A word bubble with white background and red outline (point bottom left) contains the words "talk poverty" in blue. A shadow bubble (point at bottom right) is below and to to the right, behind the white bubble.
Carol Mithers, "Most Americans Have Pets. Almost One Third Can't Afford Their Vet Care," Talk Poverty, November 12, 2021.


In this image for the "Anything Pawsible" podcast, Dr. Courtney Campbell, a Black man, stands against a tropical backdrop with palm trees. He wears a pink sweatshirt. An illustration of a dog is juxtaposed over his left side. The dog is drawn with blue lines against a dark gray background in the shape of a square.
"Anything Pawsible" podcast with Dr. Courtney Campbell
A photo of Jennifer Barnes, a Black woman, wearing a gray coat and holding up a gray kitten for the camera.
Joshua Wharton, "Heroic Woman Devotes Life to Advocating Cat Rescue in Black Communities," National Kitty. (Jennifer Barnes)
A close-up photo of Calvin Tucker, a Black man, wearing a purple hoodie and baseball cap.
Janet Hall, "Calvin Tucker 'Doing Good' for Homeless Cats," WBRC, November 21, 2018.
Lashonda Geffrard looks at the camera with a smile on her face, her left cheek resting on her left hand.
Pet Boss Nation podcast with Candace D'Agnolo, "Episode 3: Diversity in the Pet Industry with Special guest, Lashonda Geffrard."
The cover/logo for the K9 Experts Podcast. We see a man and a dog facing each other, and we are to the man's right and the dog's left. He reaches down with his right arm outstretched to the dog, while the fluffy black dog extends its right paw to his hand.
K9 Experts podcast with Jose Menendez, "Edna Dunston & Diversity Dog Trainers," September 28, 2020.
The image of Omowale Adewale on the left side of a square image. He wears a dark green coat with some of the orange lining showing. He wears bleu jeans and a black t-shirt with "Black Vegfest" on it and the Black Vegfest logo, which is about 75% of a circle: a Black Power fist with a scalloped green shape coming out of it from all sides, as if the fist is the trunk of the tree. A black elephant is on the left side of the tree, walking away from it, and a rhinoceros is on the right side, walking away. The background for the logo is red.
Our Hen House podcast, featuring Omowale Adewale, episode 598.
A close-up photo of Eugene Blake, a Black man with short gray hair and a beard. He is smiling, standing in front of a coniferous tree with a gray suit and gold-yellow shirt buttoned at the neck.
Pure Dog Talk Podcast, "Eugene Blake: International Judge and Best Dressed Gentleman," May 31, 2017.
Against a dark blue background, the two Black male veterinarians, Dr. Hodges and Dr. Ferguson, for the "Critter Fixers" show pose, wearing green coveralls and blue scrubs underneath.
"Critter Fixers: Country Vets" on National Geographic
Lashonda Geffrard, a Black woman, smiles for the camera. In the background, there is a white wall with some orange, red, and yellow design. She is wearing a black shirt.
Lashonda Geffrard and the Black Pet Business Network - (via Facebook Live)
Chronicle of African Americans in the Horse Industry Oral History Project, at the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
The logo for Black People and Pets, reading "Black People Pets." It's a circle with white background, with bubble letters that are also white, with black outline.
Black People and Pets on Instagram


The logo for the National Association for Black Veterinarians. The logo is a circle with text around the outside, with the veterinary caduceus in the middle.
National Association for Black Veterinarians
The founder of the Black Owned Pet Business Network Lashonda Geffrard smiling for the camera with her left hand up. She is wearing a white shirt, and there is a yellow background.
Black-Owned Pet Business Network (Lashonda Geffrard)
A photograph of Dr. A. Breeze Harper standing at a podium at Pomona College in 2015. She has both hands up as she speaks, palms facing down, and papers spread out in front of her. She wears a red v-neck shirt, a white headscarf, and large white earrings.
The Sistah Vegan Project
Part of the poster for Black Vegfest. The text is black, against a colorful backdrop of reds, yellows, and greens. The Black Vegfest logo is at the bottom of the image, with the top of 75% of a circle, featuring the Black Power fist with a green scalloped image surrounding the fist, as if the fist and arm are a tree trunk. To the left of the tree, a black elephant shape is turned away from the tree, as if walking. On the right, a black rhinoceros shape stands looking away from the tree, to the right.
Black Vegfest


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